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Welcome to The Mandala Project –

Christine Agro, Spiritual Artist, Metaphysical Expert

Christine Agro, Spiritual Artist, Metaphysical Expert

This project evolved out of a coming together of several aspects of my work.

Since the early 2000s I’ve been exploring the energy and transformational power that Mandalas hold by creating hand-drawn mandalas coupled with an avid interest in sacred geometry. I would draw large patterns and then sit in them to explore the energy these patterns had.

My work is an exploration of energy. I am interested in the way in which things both animate and inanimate hold energetic expression and meaning. Can that energy be harnessed and conveyed through a visual form? Can we remove the mind from the process and have a purely visceral response to what we see?

My work is currently broken into three areas – nature, word and voice. I use these three areas to explore the notion of energetic signatures: what makes us react and respond? Is is what we hear? Is it the way something is said? Is it a visual cue that our mind analyzes? Do we miss a deeper response because our mind thinks it knows what it sees, hears or reads?

As a common element, I have chosen to use The Mandala. The Mandala is ancient imagery used to connect the viewer to the cosmic realm and to unlock ones connection to universal truths.

Early Spring Pussy Willow Mandala 1The Nature Mandalas:

This past winter, I began using elements of nature in an effort to combine the messages in nature with the power of the mandala. I began using fallen petals but then one day, I took a series of photos and thought, ‘what if I transformed these into mandalas?’ and that’s how this project started.

As I’ve been photographing plants, trees, flowers, water, even the sky (elements); these things speak to me about the energy they bring. For each element I create several mandalas.

The Nature Mandalas act on their own as meditation images. Each one carries its own energy and its own message.

The Nature Mandalas seek to harness the energetic signature of plants, trees, flowers, stones and the elements and to explore the ways in which this energy can be experienced by the viewer.

What visceral response can we experience by exploring nature in this way? For example: does our experience change when the energy of power or gentleness is harnessed as a meditative tool.

Nature Mandalas are shared regularly on Facebook, exhibited and used in public art projects.

The Word Mandalas:

First Installed:
Israeli Sukos Poem Moving Mandala Meditation, Oregon Jewish Museum, SukkahPDX 2013, September 18-25, 2013

The Word Mandalas are created from prayers, poems, and written texts. These explore how words themselves hold an energetic signature and take on a life of their own; whether that ‘life’ can be harnessed to create a visual image and whether the intent and power of that written expression extends into the visual image.

To create these, I use a set template that includes using the same type, font and 4 inch x 4 inch typing field. What I want to avoid is influencing the visual representation, so by keeping the format the same, the Mandalas that are created – their differences, the feelings one derives from viewing them – is directly related to the energetic signature rather than to a manipulation of font, type and size.

Included in this body of work is The Peace Project: A Powerful Energetic Experience. This project brings together moving mandalas of 12 International Peace Prayers with the intention to create change through the vibration of peace.

Click here to learn more about this project.


The Voice Mandalas:

God John Lennon 1970 Mandala 3

God John Lennon 1970 Mandala 3

The Voice Mandalas are drawn from actual recordings, be it sung or spoken, and explore the same concept, that being, do the voice waves hold the energy of the intent or emotion of a song or speech? What does the visual representation of Gandhi’s only voice recording from 1922 tell us about him? Can we have an equal or greater response to John Lennon’s Imagine, by seeing it, rather then hearing it? There is a template with these as well, to assure that we are comparing apples to apples. I pull each recording into a sound program, select the same duration of the recording and treat each recording the same way, so that when I transform them into Mandalas, the resulting differences, or similarities are caused by the energy of the sound waves, not because of some form of manipulation.


Each aspect of this body of work is about distilling our visual, written and auditory experience into an energetic representation opening our awareness to the deeper power that exists in the things we see, hear and experience on any given day.





Meditation creates a profound sense of peace, joy and balance. Focus on your Mandala Card's meditation for 7 days and see what happens in your life. Then pass your Card on and let it touch someone else's life.
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